Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

My sweet Madeline,

are 13 months and 4 days.
are 20 pounds.
know and use the sign for milk.
can say Daddy, Mama, Radar, Eye, Alyssa, Hi, Uh-oh, belly, and Da-da (That's what you call your baby. We're not sure why.)

walk, no, run everywhere.
start to dance when you hear music.
give the sweetest baby hugs.
are a daddy's girl.
love your sisters baby doll and hug it while you sleep.

have the biggest blue eyes.
make the funniest faces.
run to the door looking for your daddy when I tell you he is home.
are very charming.
have learned that a high pitch scream/squeal will get my attention and quickly.

pretend like you are shy and snuggle your face in my neck when a stranger talks to you.
love to play with your sister.
swing your right arm in an exaggerated way when you walk.
still give kisses with your mouth wide open.
are an answer to my prayers.

are the most precious, sweet, beautiful baby and *I* am so thankful to be your mama!



1 comment:

  1. Amy, I seriously have tears in my eyes.

    ♥ So precious ♥

    One day Madeline will be able to write a poem about how amazing her mother is and blessed she is to have her :)