Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Madeline got an owie on her knee last week, or as she likes to call it, a "wowie". She fell down while she was playing outside and skinned it. It wasn't her first skinned knee and it won't be her last, but she's starting to become a little dramatic, actually, a lot dramatic. Soon after she fell, she told me that she couldn't walk on it, and she didn't walk on it.

All. Day. Long.

I carried her.

All. Day. Long.

In the rare instance that she did walk, she made sure to do so with a limp. I don't know why, but on that particular day it really didn't bother me to carry her around on my hip. She is, more than likely, my last born, my baby, and she had a wowie. She was so sweet when she tilted her head in an exaggerated way, looked me straight in the eye, and said in her little sing-song voice, "I can't walk on it".

She woke up the next morning with a limp, to which Mike was quick to point out that she was limping on the wrong leg.

Silly girl ♥