Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank goodness for home owners insurance

Our washing machine flooded our house about three weeks ago, but looking at the grand scheme of things, I say, who cares??!!

Was it shocking to find our house filled with water, every room except for Madeline's, yes! Was I devastated at the sight of all that water and frantic to get it out of our home, yes! Was it an inconvenience to be out of our home for days and then have to live with two huge dehumidifiers and twenty-three fans for a few more days, of course.

But, we are all happy, most importantly healthy, and have a nice little house (that will be put back together soon enough) to call our own. So, if this is the worst thing that is going on in our lives right now, we've got a LOT to be THANKFUL for {grin}!!



Now, my PSA for the day is,
1. Never go to sleep, or leave home while your washing machine is running.
2. Check your sensor every once in a while and make sure it's not lose. If it disconnects, the washer will not know when it is filled with water and it will continue to "fill" with water until someone stops it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A leprechaun visited our house today! He turned Kaylie and Madeline's dinning room table chair upside down, sprinkled green sparkles on the kitchen counter, and okay this is kind of gross, but he must have pee-peed in the potty because the water was green...EEEEWWWW! He also left a note on Kaylie's pillow that said, "You can't catch me!".


He must have know that Kaylie was building a trap to try to catch him. It was a school project for kindergarten. All of Kaylie's classmates set their traps at lunch time, but no one caught him. He left a huge mess and green foot prints everywhere. He also, okay, again gross, pee peed in the potty. He even took all of the gold, that was hot glued to a pot, in Kaylie's trap. Those leprechaun's are tricky little people. He did leave the kids a gold nugget and coin, and a very nice letter about how much fun he had.