Monday, September 20, 2010

Kaylie girl

Yesterday, you turned six.

You started kindergarten one month ago and still are uneasy about being away from me for that many hours during the day.

You want to be a veterinarian when you grow up. Over the past three months it has changed from an ice skater, to a singer, to a veterinarian. I tell you that you can be all three.

You “race” your daddy to your bed every night and somehow you always win.

You love, love, love going to your dance classes.

You don’t like to clean your room.

You do like to help me cook dinner.

When we pray you always ask God to say hi to Nana, give her a hug, and tell her we miss her.

Your favorite new toy is your "As Seen On TV" purple unicorn Pillow Pet.

I’m amazed at how easily you memorize your bible verses for church.

We turn on music and you dance with your sister every night.

Hannah is your best friend forever.

At your birthday party you introduced all of your friends to each other without being asked.

Your favorite book is a toss up between “Pinkalicious” and “Purplicious”.

Your hair is still wavy, but it seems that your most recent hair cut took the last of your baby curls.

You miss all your friends from pre-school, but especially Taylor.

You recently won a “good sportsmanship” award for modeling exemplary sportsmanship at Awana’s. The same night you won a prize for “best listener”.

You love to help others.

You love to stop by the pet store and play with the puppies.

You are cherished by your mama and daddy, and are more precious to us than you will ever know. Happy 6th Birthday sweet Kaylie girl.

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