Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cupcakes at Pre-school

I took cupcakes {yummy} to Kaylie's pre-school class, in celebration of her fifth birthday.
These were so much fun to make!!

My girl will be 5 on Saturday! {gasp}

I should mention, if you like Kaylie's "5" shirt you have to visit Melissa's ETSY store! She is a very talented and creative friend of mine!! She recently moved to Kentucky {tear}.

She did not make this shirt; unfortunately I didn't think to order one from her in time! This was my poor attempt to duplicate one of her tees! I actually "Liquid Stitched" the "5"! Melissa's tees are much better quality! I assure you she does not use liquid stitch! Please check out her store! I just love her stuff! Check out her blog too! She and her husband have four fabulous kiddos and she always has something fun to blog about!

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