Monday, May 11, 2009

Honoring my Mom’s memory on Mother’s day

I really want to keep this blog light hearted but I can’t go without mentioning my sweet Mom. I thought about her all day yesterday. It’s still shocking to me to think that she has gone on to heaven. I can’t believe it. She was still working out at the gym 2-3 times a week when she passed away. We knew she hadn’t been feeling well, but her passing came as a horrible shock to us all. Actually, I thought she was feeling much better than she had been.

This picture was taken a little over a year ago. She was being silly and had on Kaylie’s Sleeping Beauty crown. She was such a pretty lady. She did not look 54! Most people thought she was my sister. She used to joke and tell me to call her Katie when we were out in public.

She loved to laugh and have fun and she was always giggling. After 34 years of marriage, she was still so in love with my Dad. She would always say how handsome and sweet he was. He really was her knight in shining armor!

She had a very tender heart and her compassion for others was immeasurable. I can’t tell you how many times she would stop to give food to a homeless person. Once when I was around seven years old, a little girl, who lived on a street behind ours, was out ridding her bike. She stopped over to play with me. She always looked dirty. Her hair was never brushed and she probably was very neglected by her parents. My Mom was sitting outside with us as we played. She called the little girl over and told her she was going to start calling her “P”. She told her “P” was for “princess”. The little girl grinned from ear to ear. It probably made her day! That was my Mom, she always tried to build people up and she always rooted for the underdog.

I spoke with her almost everyday and, since my dad works nights, she would spend most every Tuesday night with us. Kaylie could not wait for Tuesday’s to come around because Nana would play with her and let her sleep in the guest bed with her. Let me tell you, it’s not easy sleeping in bed with Kaylie. She is a kicker, but Nana loved to have a slumber party with her. She was such a great help with my girls. She would drop anything and everything if I needed her. I’m still trying to adjust to her being gone. My life is forever changed and it’s not easy. I try my best to focus on how so very thankful I am to have so many good memories and how thankful I am for the thirty-two years I did have with her.

I love this song that is playing; it’s the story of my life at the moment. I can just picture her “dancing with the angels”. I love you and miss you Mama!!


  1. I thought about you yesterday Amy! I said a prayer for you!

    Your mom was a beautiful lady!

    The picture of her in Kaylie's crown makes me think of the many crowns she's adorned with now that she's in Heaven!!!

  2. Oh Amy, what a beautiful tribute. I can tell just by looking at these pictures that your Mom was one of those people whose good nature shows in their eyes. She looks like such a kind, caring, loving person. What a great blessing for you to have had her in your life and to have learned such great lessons about being a Mommy yourself. I'm so sorry that you had to lose her so early. (((HUGS)))